Discover The MONOPOLY Live Casino Game

Live casino meets Monopoly! Based on the world’s most popular board game, Evolution Gaming’s MONOPOLY Live is a special edition of the beloved Dream Catcher live casino game – with Monopoly game elements added. A unique live-action, real-time title, MONOPOLY Live is mobile casino friendly and combines live game show-style thrills and augmented reality for an immersive and highly entertaining experience. Furthermore, it offers the opportunity for players to score substantial Multiplier wins. Released in April of 2019, MONOPOLY Live has since been awarded Game of the Year 2019 by EGR and Game of the Year 2020 by Gaming Intelligence – testament to its increasing popularity and high quality. The game comprises a money wheel variant, as well as a 3D bonus round designed around the escapades of the virtual MR. MONOPOLY.

How To Play MONOPOLY Live

Picture a live game host spinning an amply sized and vertically mounted wheel in order for players to predict which section they think the wheel will stop at – all while a simulated MR. MONOPOLY is on the sidelines ready to take action. That’s essentially the premise of the online and mobile optimised live casino game, MONOPOLY Live, which also includes CHANCE sections. During the money wheel game, players bet on a number: 1, 2, 5, 10, 4 ROLLS or 2 ROLLS. If the wheel lands on their chosen number, the player will score a corresponding amount. If the wheel lands on a CHANCE section, MR. MONOPOLY enters the scene to present players with a card that reveals either an instant cash prize or a random Multiplier win. If it’s the Multiplier, all bets stay in place and the wheel is spun again so that the Multiplier can increase the wins for the next spin. If the win is another Multiplier, it too is increased. As for the 3D bonus game, it can only activate if the player bets on 4 ROLLS or 2 ROLLS.

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The 3D Bonus Game

If a player bets on 4 ROLLS or 2 ROLLS and the wheel lands on one of those sections, the 3D bonus game activates and MR. MONOPOLY takes centre stage in an augmented reality, three-dimensional world. This means players will watch him moving around the board collecting Multipliers, prizes and more along the way. Additionally, all of the famous Monopoly board game elements are here, from Chance, GO, Community Chest, Super Tax, Jail, and hotels. Determining MR. MONOPOLY’s movements are a pair of dice. Whenever these are rolled, MR. MONOPOLY steps into action – for every property that he lands on, a cash prize equal to the property’s value will be awarded.

Marvellous Graphics

There is much to enjoy about MONOPOLY Live, from the personable host to the potentially rewarding features. Then we have the world-class visuals, which give the game its eye-catching appeal. The studio where the host is operating from includes the money wheel, as well as the background of a Monopoly board and a brightly-coloured city with balloons, airplanes and moving vehicles. When MR. MONOPOLY isn’t walking around the board, he is perfectly incorporated into the design, sitting aside the wheel while reading a newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee.

Optimised for Online and Mobile Casinos

MONOPOLY Live is another stunning creation from the specialists in the field of live casino games, Evolution Gaming. A multiple award-winning software provider, Evolution Gaming has ensured that this Monopoly-inspired live casino game can be enjoyed on players’ PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones, without any compromising of quality. This means it looks and sounds great no matter what size device it is being played on.

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