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Find the Best Online Casino Loyalty Program For You

Almost every online gambling destination that is worth considering offers a system that rewards loyal members for playing. The more time and money you spend at an establishment, the more perks you get. While this should definitely not be your only consideration when you are choosing where you want to put your money down, we do recommend looking around for the best online casino loyalty programme to suit you.

Read on to learn a little more to learn about how they work and why they can add value.

Earning You Merits Whenever You Play

Most brick-and-mortar casinos also use reward systems to keep their customers happy and ensure that they keep patronising them. On land, for example, you usually earn merits on your loyalty account for every bet that you place, drink that you buy, room that you book, or other activity that you spend cash on.

The online casino loyalty programs Canada has to offer work in much the same way, although they are focused on rewarding you for real money play, as you cannot buy drinks or book a room when playing on the web! Every time you play for real money in a slot, at a table or with any other game, you earn some kind of token or credit.

These merits are often simply in the form of points, but you may find that at a certain casino, online loyalty programs could involve special coins that can be redeemed at their establishment’s stores. As gamification is seen at more sites, you may also find a token system that applies to the virtual world that has been created, and can only be used there. The degree to which you like getting involved in this video game aspect could be one of the things that helps you decide what site you sign up with.

What Can These Merits Do?

Once you accumulate a certain amount of points, tokens or in-site currency that is used by the online casino loyalty programs Canada has available, you’re eligible for different rewards. More conventional establishments will allow you to redeem them for playing funds or other bonuses, or to spend them in their stores.

Newer sites that use more gamification could create other, theme-specific ways for you to exchange them. You might also see casino online loyalty programs that visually track how many points you’ve got. When you hit certain amounts, set prizes and play-enhancements such as Free Spins are triggered.

Levelling Up for More Perks

The best online casino loyalty program for you may well involve different tiers, which you can rise up by accumulating more points, merits or other tokens. These different levels may have pretty generic names such as Silver, Gold and Platinum, or titles that are particular to a storyline - on a site that is based on a fantasy realm, for example, you might be an Apprentice, a Magician and finally a Wizard.

Either way, the higher you climb, the more special treatment you will be entitled to. This could include exclusive event invites, prioritised cashouts, dedicated account managers, or anything else the operator can think of to make you feel appreciated.

How to Enrol

You are often registered as a member of a rewards club as soon as you sign up at a site. You may also need to find the relevant section on the home page and do it yourself.

As well as the regular system that is available to all players, there’s often an invite-only VIP Club that is available to those players who reach a rarefied level. The perks here are even better, and you need to keep gambling at the same rate in order to maintain your status. Of course, once you’ve experienced how good life can be with the best online casino loyalty program for you, with treats that suit your style and preferences, this is not usually a problem!

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