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Play EuroMillions Lottery and Stand a Chance of Winning Big

Immerse yourself in the intense action of one of the biggest lotteries in Europe and enjoy potentially life-changing winning opportunities with every draw! You can play the EuroMillions Lottery, a co-operative project by several national lottery agencies, online at sites recommended by Belle Rock Entertainment.

These online and mobile casinos are safe and secure and are built using top quality software. They offer download and no download playing options for computer and mobile, so that you can buy tickets whenever and wherever it suits you.

Lucky Numbers Bring Massive Wins

Launched in 2004, the EuroMillions Lottery was initially limited to United Kingdom, France and Spain. Its phenomenal success brought other countries such as Austria, Portugal and Switzerland to join only a few months later, bringing the number of participating nations to nine. Other countries now involved in this heart-racing lottery include Belgium, Luxembourg and the Republic of Ireland.

The participating countries all contribute to the lottery’s jackpot from revenue produced by ticket sales, which means you could stand a chance of getting your hands on utterly unbelievable prizes.

13 Tiers of Prizes

The EuroMillions Lottery does not offer only one main prize. Rather, you could find yourself a winner in one of 13 different prize tiers. In addition to this, the lottery also holds unique Super Draws twice a year. These draws offer a staggeringly large guaranteed jackpot.

These draws, like the regular draws, use a combination of numbers and stars, but players are given only a week to check results against those drawn in the lottery, and to claim the prize if they have won.

How to Play the EuroMillions Lottery

Once you have opened and funded an account at one of the sites recommended by Belle Rock Entertainment, you can play the EuroMillions Lottery at you convenience. Thanks to the top online gaming sites on the web, you’ll never miss out on having a ticket for one of the most rewarding lotteries on the continent.

When buying your ticket, you will need to select five main numbers from a range of consecutive numbers between 1 and 50, as well as selecting two Lucky Star numbers from a range of 11 numbers.

A drawing machine picks the winning main numbers and Lucky Star numbers at random, and prizes are offered for as little as two or three matching numbers on a ticket.

Draws take place twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays in Paris at 8-45pm. By around 11pm all results are published and players are able to see whether or not they’ve been lucky enough to claim a EuroMillions Lottery win that could change their lives!




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