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Online Roulette Strategy at JackpotCity

For most people, when they think of gambling, Roulette is one of the first things that comes to mind. First played in France, the literal translation from French is “Little Wheel”, which is very fitting since a spinning wheel is at the centre of every Roulette session. The elegance and simple sophistication has made it popular for hundreds of years.

Roulette is an easy to understand casino game and there has been an influx of online sites offering chances to win big. It's a game of pure chance, but there are ways of increasing your chances of winning, especially if you implement an online roulette strategy. The more you learn about what to do and about the game itself, the more you will be able to apply your insights and hone your strategy. Get started by reading through our basic tips and guidelines here.

Use the Best Sites

Don't play with your own money until you're sure the site is reputable. Make sure you check out player feedback, look at their published payout percentages and see how fast they pay out. All these will give you an idea if they're legitimate. Most sites offer you the chance to play free games to start with so you can try out the rules and strategies. At JackpotCity we offer super fast payouts, safe and easy deposits and we are independently audited. Free play also means you can keep playing even after your budget is used up, without landing yourself in the red.

Take Advantage of Welcome Bonuses

Use the welcome casino bonus offered by online casino games, such as our double deposit bonus, to help build up a pot of money. While you have some extra money you can try out your online roulette strategy and bet on a range of different positions to help generate wins.

Remember it's a Random Game

Unlike other online casino games, with online roulette there is no pattern or mathematical formula to where the ball will land next. There is just as much chance of landing on each number with every spin, no matter how many times it's landed on them before.

In fact, a desire to understand the odds of Roulette games led to most of the modern mathematical field known as probability theory.

Rather than being disheartened by the randomness of Roulette, however, you should use this knowledge to your advantage. As the odds are always the same, make sure you don't place any big bets and choose where you bet your chips carefully. Use your online roulette strategy to try and cover the greatest spread of numbers across the columns, red or black and high or low. As you keep playing, you can also start to explore betting strategies that take the random nature of the game into account, such as the Martingale and Fibonacci wagering methods.

Withdraw When You're Winning

Once you've doubled your deposit you should withdraw some of your winnings to prevent you risking it all after a losing streak. Make sure you set betting and time limits to limit your losses. If you start getting annoyed when you lose, it's time to take a break; you should never play any casino game based on your emotions. Above all make sure you have fun.

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