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Scratch Card Games: a Brief History

They go by many different names –scratch tickets, scratch-and-wins, scratch offs, scratchers – the list is long. But either way you look at it, scratch card games are here to stay. In what can only be described as simple fun, scratch cards have miraculously managed to remain very popular forms of gambling entertainment, going as far back as the early 1970s when a company known as Scientific Games Corporation produced the very first computer generated forms of the game by way of mathematical formulas. By the late 1980s a patent was issued to a company known as Astro-Med for the production of instant scratch-off lottery tickets. In the mid-1990s when online casinos started out, scratch card games were able to make the jump from paper cards to online scratch cards and today are found at most, if not all, online casino establishments.

How It Works

The basic principles for the game are the same, be it the paper version or the digitized version known as online scratch card games. You’ve got a sheet with 9 spaces, and the aim is to match 3 identical images or symbols to reap rewards. That’s it!

Online Scratch Card Games

Online scratch cards truly up the excitement levels of these established games of luck by providing players with various titles to enjoy. This makes it even more fun to play as the games are often modelled on popular slots games. As a result you’ll be able to enjoy online scratch card games with comical and amusing imagery. Each image will carry a different score which means that certain images will award higher cash rewards than the others.

Popular Online Scratch Card Games

You too can enjoy the fun, simplicity and easy wins of online scratch card games. Like the lottery tickets on which these games are based, online scratch card games offer quick wins and a way to increase your bankroll in no time at all! Try these games out at one of our highly recommended online casinos today! You can enjoy online scratch card games at JackpotCity Casino, Gaming Club, Lucky Nugget or the River Belle Casinos.

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