Tips on How Slots Wagering Works

When it comes to online casino games, slots are by far the most popular of them all. Slots are so popular in fact, that there are entire casinos dedicated to providing players with every kind of slots game possible, while forgoing the inclusion of table games or any other casino game! The reason slots are so popular is quite easy to see. For starters, they are super easy to play. They are also incredibly entertaining and offer the opportunity for seriously large payouts. But for most players, wagering on casino slots is where things get a bit complicated, so we’re going to provide a few tips to help you get the hang of it.

The 3 Main Wagering Options

Unlike card and table games where betting is a simple as clicking on the chip amount and placing it on the table, slots have a multi-wagering system that is linked to both the coin value, the total number of active paylines and the bet level. Back in the day, slots wagering was fairly easy to understand. There was one set coin value, a maximum of 5 payline and 1 bet level. Today, things are far more complicated as you can adjust the coin value, the bet level and in some cases the number of paylines as well.

Casino online wagering has always been a point of contention with slot games, but it is really quite easy to understand once you know the various terms.

Setting the Coin Value

The first and most important term we are going to look at is the coin value. You can think of the coin value as the actual monetary value of each virtual coin you are playing on each payline. Coin values range from 0.01 all the way up to 2.00 in some cases. To understand this better, we are going to insert a $ symbol on the coin value.

The reason the coin value adjustment system exists is to accommodate players with a variety of playing styles and payrolls. The higher you set your coin value, the more actual money you are gambling on each spin. For example, a coin value of 0.01 equates to $0.01 or 1 cent. A coin value of 0.50 equates to 50 cents per line. If you are playing a 50 payline slots, the total bet on a 0.01 coin value will be 50x0.01 or 50 cents while the latter would have a total bet of 50x0.5 or $25. As you can see there is a big difference between betting $25 per spin or 50 cents.

Adjustable Paylines

In most cases online casino slot wagering is up to the discretion of the player. This includes setting the number of paylines. If a slot has adjustable paylines, players can set the coin value as well as the number of paylines to increase or decrease the total bet stake. It is important to remember though that the more paylines you play, the more chances you have of landing a winning combination. Another important point to remember is that with progressive slots, the maximum bet has to be in place in order to win the jackpot. This means setting the coin value to max and playing all the available paylines.

Understanding Bet Levels

Easy wagering on online casino slots is possible once you understand all the aspects involved. Some slots also include what is termed a “bet level”. This is a separate and optional setting along with the coin value and the number of paylines. What the bet level does is multiply your coin value by the bet level itself. If you set your coin value to 0.5 or 50 cents and you increased your bet level to 2x, your actual bet would be 1.00 or $1 per line. Basically, you are doubling the bet. Bet levels usually extend from 1x to 5x and can be adjusted at the start of each spin. There is also the Bet max or Max bet option, which places the max number of coins and activates all paylines automatically.

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