Marvel vs. DC Comics Slots

Over the past few years we have seen a sharp rise in comic book-themed films, television shows and online slots games. Online casino software provider Playtech were the first to get in on the action, teaming up with Marvel to bring games like The Incredible Hulk, Spider Man, The Avengers and Iron Man to life. Fans lapped up the superhero online games with a hunger that had rarely been seen before. Perhaps it was the innovative slot design, the Marvel progressive jackpot or Playtech’s focus on parity with the films that led to their resounding success, but whatever it was, they had a winner on their hands.

Playtech’s Move to DC

When the news came that Playtech would be dropping their Marvel themed slots and ending their contract with Disney, fans were understandably, bewildered and upset. Marvel themed slots were voted as the best online slots in Canada or anywhere in the world multiple times over. The decision to drop them altogether was potentially the worst thing Playtech could ever have done. It was not the end though. If Playtech registered any revenue loss at all, it was short lived as they teamed up with Warner Bros, the owners of DC comics.

In the world of comic books, fans are mostly split into DC or Marvel. The DC Comics universe is filled with classic superhero characters including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and Aquaman, while Marvel include Iron Man, Thor, Blade, Daredevil, Fantastic Four and the Hulk. As it turns out, Playtech’s move from Marvel to DC Branded online slots did not completely alienate Marvel fans and at the same time, it brought in a whole new generation of DC Fans.

The Arrival of 1960’s Batman

It is more likely that Playtech’s move to drop Marvel was about an exclusivity deal with Warner Bros, but in any case, things seem to have settled down into a comfortable compromise. While the absence of epic Marvel titles will always be felt, online slots fans have been given plenty of great alternatives. Playtech got the ball rolling with Batman themed slots based on the classic 1960’s television shows. These included the like of Batman and the Joker Jewels, Batman & Catwoman Cash, Batman & the Riddler Riches to name a few.

Superman Inspired Slots

In 2017, Playtech stepped things up with the release of a trio of Superman themed online slots including Man of Steel, Superman the Movie and Superman II. While not hailed as the best online slots ever, this was a move in the right direction for Playtech, bringing in more of what made the Marvel slots so famous. This included a linked progressive jackpot, multi-game modes, bigger jackpots, increased paylines and interactive bonus features.

More for the Fans

Going forward, Playtech plans to expand the DC Comics online slots universe with titles such as Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman, Justice League as well as Batman Begins, the Dark Knight and the Dark Knight Rises. Microgaming fans might remember the Dark Knight slot, which dominated casino sites until its license came to an end. Playtech’s new series will supersede Microgaming’s version with plenty of action packed bonus features and big jackpots to look forward to.

It looks like the loss of Marvel online slots has been negated by the arrival of DC Comic’s slots, and Playtech has rallied remarkably, suffering only a small dip in revenue along the way. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details