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Playing Online Slots

Online slots are a great way to have some fun and win yourself some cash. There are loads of Online Casinos offering pretty much every game you have ever heard of and probably some you haven't. From traditional card and table games such as poker and roulette as well as hundreds of slots games such as Belle Rock Online Slots, you will find them all online.

Slot Machines - Know How

Slot machines are the most popular games in land-based and online casinos, and with their bright lights, instant action and great rewards, it’s really not difficult to see why. There is no online slot machine strategy that makes you a winner every time, but with a little know how and inside information, you can greatly increase your chances.

One of the first things you need to know is that online slots pay out more than 'real' slots, particularly those in pubs and clubs. By law, a slot machine has to pay out at 75% of what is paid into it and of course in pubs, clubs and casinos, the slot machine has to earn its place on the floors. Slots machines in casinos will payout at around 90%, in pubs and clubs this will be lower. Your first strategic move, then, is playing online rather than on land, and you’re doing that already!

Online Slot Machine Strategy

A virtual or online slot machine doesn't face those restrictions and online casinos are therefore able to payout up to 98%. So, if you are in it for the cash, play online.

Then, you need to increase your odds. Winning on slots entails matching reel symbols on a payline. It therefore stands to reason that fewer reels means fewer symbols to match! Look for games with 3-5 reels to increase your chances. Focusing on more reels than that at one time is very difficult in any case, so you’ll enjoy yourself more if you stick to this range too.

Remember that a big part of slot game enjoyment is choosing a game that you like, so try out different options and any new games that are released to find your favourites. Most reputable online casinos allow you to play for free as well as for real money, which gives you the chance to test-drive the games before you spend any money on them. Just be aware that there may be some features that are only unlocked when you’re playing with real money; even if you have played them for no deposit, start with small bets when you’re using actual cash.

Whilst no one has come up with a proven online slot machine strategy, there are online games which, although still largely down to chance, are known to have workable strategies and tips. Roulette players for instance are known to have a number of strategies up their sleeves to increase their chances and profits. The Roulette Dozens and Columns strategy is a relatively easy one to follow, others, such as The Guetting or Hollandish strategies are for more experienced players.

Whatever your online game of choice, choose a good and reputable casino and have some fun. The casinos that we recommend here are excellent places to start, and our reviews will tell you what you can expect in terms of games, bonuses, software and more.

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