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Online Slot Tips -Get smart

Many people claim to know the secret of beating slots machines and there are many stories and tips on the internet. The truth however is, there is no definitive way to ensure you get that win, if there were, we'd all be doing it. What you can do however is know your game, know the odds and play smartly.

If you are playing online slot machines, then you are already half way there. Did you know that online slots and video slots actually pay out as much as 10% more than 'real' casino slot machines? And this percentage is even higher when compared to slots in pubs.

Practice makes Perfect

The first of these online slots tips is, to know your game inside and out. You can practice for free by playing in 'free games' mode - most online casinos will allow you to do this. Pick a game you enjoy and play it for free as much as possible. Practice makes perfect.

Another one of the good online slots tips is to increase your odds. You win on slot machines by matching symbols on reels and across paylines. Play with the least number of reels to paylines as you can - the lower the ratio, the better your odds.

Another way to increase your profits is to look for the casino with the best bonuses and offers. All casinos offer incentives to new players, this could be a few free spins or a match cash offer on your first deposit. Really good casinos however continue to reward regular and loyal customers. Get on your casinos loyalty or VIP scheme.

Take Part in Slots Tournaments

Many slot machine experts who offer online slots tips recommend joining slots tournaments. These can give you a good return for your money. As well as being a great way to win a large amount of money for mere pennies, slots tournaments make managing your bankroll easier because you only pay in once, and can bring fresh excitement and challenges to your online slots experience.

In slots tournaments, you pay to play or get to spin for free in some cases, and are given a set amount of coins to bet with. Every participant then plays on specific games for pre-set time periods. The players with the highest score at the end of each round advance to the next, until the champion remains. Alternatively, players go until they have run out of coins, and the last one standing is the winner.

Stay On Track with a Cool Head

One of the best online slots tips however is to know your limits. If you are having a bad run, walk away, don't try to win back your losses. Remember that the best way to look at slots games is as immersive and thrilling entertainment, with wins as an unexpected, added bonus. Never bet anything that you can’t afford to lose, and try to set a budget at the beginning of your spinning session. Don’t go over it, no matter how tantalising the thought might be that the very next spin could be the one that will reward you and change your life.

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