Up Your Game: Online Slots Volatility

The millions of players who spin online slots reels for chances to win real money can be divided into 2 basic types. The first type spin reels with happy abandon, knowing that, whatever the outcome, they will have had a good time.

The second type take their playing much more seriously. They are determined to up their game to maximise their chances of winning, and to do what is best for their bankrolls. If you want to improve your gaming when you play the best online slots available to players in Canada, and do not incorporate slots volatility into your approach, then it is time to start!

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Slots Volatility and RTP

Slots volatility is nothing less than a slot’s risk factor. Basically, is an indication of what your chances are of winning or losing, and it is connected to the game’s RTP.

In many online slots game descriptions at Canada’s finest online casinos, mention is made of the RTP, which is usually somewhere around 96 percent. RTP stands for Return to Player.

Theoretically, this means that, for every $100.00 you spin on the reels of online games with that particular RTP, $0.96 will be returned to you. That percentage is not applied to a fixed number of spins, and there is no guarantee that you will walk away with 96 percent of the total amount you bet.

You could sink all your winnings into the wrong choice in a slot’s double-or-nothing game, or you could hit a life-altering jackpot on the first spin.

This is where online slots volatility comes into the picture. Volatility is the difference between the theoretical RTP, and the real outcomes of a single session. A highly volatile slot varies considerably from its RTP, whereas a low volatility slot does not vary much.

Play High Volatility Slots

The best online slots Canada with lower RTPs are generally high volatility slots. They do not pay out frequently, but when they do, the payout is usually worth the wait.

Not that the wait would be boring. High volatility slots turn up the pace and pack in thrills, chills, and spine-tingling action. A perfect choice for adrenalin junkies.

The best way to approach high volatility online slots is to play with endurance, which usually means playing with a sizeable bankroll. It also helps to remember that payouts are proportionate to bets – even when slots have a high volatility.

Playing Low Volatility Slots

Low volatility online games usually have higher RTPs, and offer smaller payouts more frequently than high volatility slots would. Every now and again, they will pay out a large amount, but, in most cases, the payouts you win will keep your gaming going for a few hours. Such games are a favourite among players who play recreationally or socially.

This does not mean they are boring or slow, because they are not. Low volatility video slots boast brilliant bonus features, so you can look forward to some exciting action. The best way to approach them is to play with a smaller bankroll, and to place smaller to medium bets.

Why not try improving your game with slots volatility? It is easy, it requires almost no extra effort, and it really could make a difference.

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