Wheel of Riches Online Slots Game

Known as the King of Casino Games, Roulette has enchanted players with thrilling gameplay and big wins for many years. Similarly, slots games have kept players riveted with their rolling reels, gorgeous graphics and huge jackpots. Now, Microgaming has combined these two games to create an explosive action-packed online slots extravaganza that will keep players coming back for more!

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The Wheel of Riches online slots game, available at top quality online casinos recommended by Belle Rock Entertainment, is a colourful, entertaining blend of the best elements of these two classic games.

What is Wheel of Riches?

Much like online Roulette, Wheel of Riches online slots game is played at a virtual betting table, using chips and a wheel marked with colours and numbers. In this game however, Roulette’s traditional red and black colour scheme has given way to green, pink, red, teal and yellow, while the wheel is numbered from one to 36.

How to Play Wheel of Riches

To start playing Wheel of Riches online slots game players must first select the value of their chips. This is done using the relevant button on the game interface. Once the value has been set, you can place your bet by selecting the relevant colour, number, or other betting options in the betting area to the left of the wheel. Bets can be placed on four of the colours, as well as on even or odd numbers, straight number bets, bets on the first or second half and bets on first, second, or third 12.

Once you have placed your bets, you simply need to hit the Spin button to get the wheel turning. The winning colour and number will then be announced once the wheel has come to a stop. If you want to place the same bet again, you can do so by selecting the Repeat button, or you can set new bets if desired.

Phenomenal Free Spins and Multiplier

Two features that are regularly found in the best online slots games are also available in Wheel of Riches. Free spins and a multiplier both add to players winning potential and are found on the games’ wheel.

If the wheel comes to a stop on the Bonus Spins pocket you can expect a number of free spins, which could bring about even more wins. If the wheel comes to a halt on the Bonus Feature pocket, a potentially lucrative multiplier will be rewarded.

At online casinos recommended by Belle Rock Entertainment players can relish the excitement of Wheel of Riches online slots game. You could win big with an innovative and appealing form of entertainment that combines the best of both worlds!

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